King, Ling, Shark….oh my!

Red Snapper is closed for the season (however, the Feds may reopen snapper in the Fall as they did last year).  Now our focus is Black-tip shark, kingfish, ling, mahi-mahi, small shark, and dog snapper (no limit on the dog snapper).  The shrimper season re-opened on July 15th so we have already pulled black-tip and spinner shark off the dragging nets!  Those of you that want a challenging fight, our captains can put you on these black-tip/spinner shark and you will come walking away with sore muscles!!

Just a bit more information on the dog snapper.  They are a cousin to the red snapper (look just like the red snapper but darker and they have gnarly front teeth).  The captains have learned a new technique to assure the dog snapper make it into the fish box!  Hmmmm, they are yummy eating too!

We have dates still availabe in July and of course, August and September.  Be sure to call Freda 361-749-5223 and get reserved with one of our boats for your day on the Gulf!  The fish are waiting!

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